Business Customs

in the World

2019 - Japan - 1'41

For Brut. Media Group

As realisator and cameraman for the Japan part.

This sequence is part of a bigger video displaying some of the customs in business all around the world.

Video shot in association with Pullman Hotels Group.

クズランド(Kuzu Land)

2019 - Japan - 13'22

Realisator : Gregory Tulchin

Collab as editor for the whole film.

Mistakes in Tokyo

2018 - Japan - 21'35

Realisator : Steffan Griffiths

Collab as second cameraman and

assistant cameraman.

Japon : les recherches continuent pour trouver Tiphaine Veron

2018 - Japan - 1'40

TV Report - France 3 - France Télévisions

Summer 2018, a french tourist disapeared in the city of Nikkô, Japan. Two weeks after she's gone missing, her family came in Japan to try to collect more informations and try to find their sister.

I was journalist cameraman on this whole story.