#2 Shanghai & Suzhou

2019 - Shanghai and Suzhou - 3'23

In June 2019 I got the opportunity to visit both cities of Shanghai and Suzhou, China. I really appreciate the atmosphere there as it was very different from what I already experienced in Asia before.

I decided to mainly focus on people on this video. Although everyone was nice, I was surprised so many people do dance in parks or streets in Shanghai. Lovely !

#1 Hong Kong

2019 - Hong Kong - 2'06

First Travel Video I shot in January 2019. I chose the tramway as a guideline because this was one of the most surprising things I witnessed when I first arrived in the city.

I have seen many Hong Kong movies and it was a must-visit city for me. I'm glad my first video is there but I would be happy to come back again for other projects.